Canister of Love

Canisters of Love are located in stores and offices across the country. The money collected from these canisters is used to provide food, clothing and medical care to people in developing countries around the world.

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Canister of Love Partners are responsible for distributing canisters, checking them regularly, and sending the money collected to the Missions office. Whether you choose to be responsible for one canister in your own place of business or several canisters in your local area, we appreciate your help.

Your Responsibilities

  • Approach grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and other local businesses and ask for permission to display a canister near the cash register. If you would like to place a canister in your workplace, talk to your manager or supervisor. Explain the purpose of the canister and refer anyone who wants more information to the Missions office or to this Website.
  • Tell the owner/manager that you will be responsible for collecting the money in the canister at least once a month or as often as necessary. Leave your telephone number so that the manager can contact you if he or she has any questions or problems.
  • When emptying the canister, use a dime to unscrew the back. Leave a few coins in the canister to encourage giving.
  • Every 2-3 months (or more frequently, if necessary) complete a copy of the Canister Report and return it, with a cheque or money order, to:

Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)
1 Patriarch Bartholomew Way (86 Overlea Blvd.)
Toronto, Ontario M4H 1C6

Tips for Canister Partners

  • Canisters should never be more than half full (to discourage robbery). Visit each location more frequently at first (e.g., every 2 weeks), to get a sense of how often you need to go back to ensure that canisters never fill up.
  • Visit each location at least once a month, even if the canister does not need to be emptied. It is important for store owners/managers to have confidence in us and in the program.
  • Choose your locations carefully. Approach businesses that are conveniently located close to where you live or work. Remember — you will be returning to each location at least once a month and possibly more often.
  • Please don’t bite off more than you can chew! Take only as many canisters and approach only as many businesses as you feel you can be responsible for.
  • Please report lost or stolen canisters to the Missions office as soon as possible.

Projects Supported by the Canister of Love
Each year, the Mission Board chooses one or more projects or organizations to support with the money collected through the Canister of Love program. If you know of a project or organization that could use our help, please contact us with your suggestion(s).

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