Please note: This lectionary is intended strictly as a rough guide for personal reading for those who wish to follow the church calendar through the year. It is not intended for liturgical use. Because the Paschal cycle occurs at a different time each year while other feasts are fixed on a certain calendar date, there is considerable overlap between the two cycles, which affects what scriptures are actually read on any given day of a particular year. Variations also occur between jurisdictions of the Church, and decisions are sometimes made at the parish level concerning which saints’ days to celebrate with the accompanying readings. For an accurate lectionary for a particular year, consult one of the many Orthodox calendars available that list scripture readings for each day, or consult your parish priest for the readings used in your parish.

Dates, where applicable, are listed according to the New, or Gregorian, Calendar, with the Old, or Julian, Calendar date following.

The church year officially begins on September 1/14, but for the purposes of this lectionary it is more convenient to begin with the Paschal cycle.

Source: The Orthodox Study Bible, St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology, 2008.

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