Great Lent Essay Challenge: The Results

June 9, 2015

TORONTO — With the blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios, our Holy Metropolis organized the first-ever Great Lent Essay Challenge for all Greek Orthodox youth in Canada.

Students were asked to answer ‘What does Great Lent, Holy Week and the Resurrection Mean to You?’ based on personal experience, conversations with family and friends and research.

Seventy-one total submissions were received for both age categories (8-13 and 14-19 year-olds). All of the essays received were thoughtfully developed, well written and demonstrated the rich and unparalleled spiritual and liturgical life of Orthodox Christianity.

Our Holy Metropolis sincerely thanks and warmly congratulates all students (names listed below), including those from the Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox School in Toronto, who took the time and initiative to submit a response to the Great Lent Essay Challenge.

After carefully examining all submissions based on content, organization, style, language and creativity and originality, the review committee (consisting of four clergymen and one lay person) determined the following winners.

8-13 Age Category

Winner: Samantha Papaconstantinou
Second Place: Melina Mavromoustakou
Third Place: Eleni Tsagaris and Elissa LeBlanc

Honourable Mention
George Bakony and Anastasia Bozikis

14-19 Age Category

Winner: Evangelos Tzoganakis
Second Place: Angelo Isidorou
Third Place: Anastasia Grillas

Honourable Mention
Maiyah Tsaprailis and Jazlin Nicholas

The winners will each receive a scholarship (1st Prize, $400; 2nd Prize, $200; 3rd Prize, $100) from our Holy Metropolis.

We once again applaud all students, particularly the finalists, for their outstanding work and we pray that the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – through the intercessions of the Most-holy Theotokos, helps and protects them all the days of their lives.

Participating Students

Alexandra Noguiera
Alexandra Rossanos
Alexandru Darie
Anastasia Bozikis
Anastasia Grillas
Andriana Tsagaris
Andy Parcharidis
Angelo Nicholas Isidorou
Anna Babalis
Anna Chatzis
Anna Ioannou Vasssilopoulos
Annie Siriopoulos
Basili Giaouris
Celia Philippa
Celia Siriopoulos
Christina Pachiadakis
Christos Tsiourlis
Costa Grillas
Daniel Ibanescu
Dimitri Sirmis
Dino Iriotakis
Elena Lorraine Gardner
Eleni Tsagaris
Elissa LeBlanc
Evangelos Tzoganakis
Gabriella Kyriakou
George Bakony
George Eliadis
George Pachiadakis
Helena Syrianos
Isis Santolin
Jazlin Nicholas
Joanna Chatzopoulos
Joanna Karelis
Johnny Kondakos
Katerina Kourbetis
Katerina Mpilalis
Katerina Zegas
Konstance Voudouris
Konstantine Papadakis
Lily Vretanos
Louis Kontos
Maiyah Tsaprailis
Margareta Efraim-­‐Aucoin
Maria Achilleos
Maria Grillas
Maria Papadogiannis
Maria Stan
Mattheo Anthony Khan
Matthew Kondakos
Melani Vassilopoulos
Melina Mavromoustakou
Meni Pappas
Michael Tassis
Nicholas Sarracini
Pantelis Natsia
Paul Natsias
Paul Tsakanikas
Philip Viglatzis
Rebeca Mihaela Nastase
Samantha Papaconstantinou
Stavros Loukidis
Stefan Grumazescu
Theo Nicholas
Theodora Zetu
Thomas Rombos
Thorianna Simitsis
Vicky Tsagarelis
Yanni Karos
Zoe Stathopoulos

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